.223 Steyr Scout
(The "Cub" Scout)

Steyr is producing a version of the Steyr Scout Rifle in .223 Remington (5.56 x 45 mm). While not its official name this version is almost universally being referred to as the "Cub" Scout.

The .223 Scout has a 1:9" twist barrel, and is furnished with 2-5 round magazines. A 10 round high capacity kit will NOT be offered.  The other specifications and pricing will be identical to the .308 variation. The major external differences are that the ejection port is about 7/8th of an inch (20 mm) shorter than that on the .308 rifle and the shape of the magazine. The rifle is designed to use a large percentage of parts from the standard rifle.

It is chambered to CIP specifications and can be used with NATO spec 5.56 x 45 ammunition.

The Steyr .223 Scout Rifle

(The scope mounted on the rifle is a Weaver 2x8 pistol scope that was tested.
  The eye relief is too long for proper field use but it served as a test rig.)

Initial samples appear to be very accurate.  The group below was fired by Craig Parmenter of Australia using Nosler 55 gr Ballistic Tips, over 24.7 gr of ADI 2206 powder, Winchester cases and Federal primers. The shot on it's own to the left was a called flyer due to muzzle blast from the shooter next to him. The rifle was fitted with  a Lynx Tactical 2.5-10 x 40 scope.

.223 5 shot group (9k jpg)

Photo of rifle courtesy Steyr Mannlicher

Photo of target courtesy Craig Parmenter

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