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Do NOT add me to your bulk email list for jokes,
silly videos, and the like.  

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When emailing me please ensure that your imbedded "return address" in your E-mail program is correct. (You might want to put your address in the body of your message if you are not sure.)   I have had messages from people whose imbedded email return address was invalid (hence the notice below) and they probably think I'm ignoring them.  If you don't get a reply from me within 3 - 5 business days, check to make sure that your email program is properly identifying you. (I really do answer all email.  But only if I receive it.)  

If you have emailed me and have not received a reply within 3-5 working days,  click here   to see if your name is on this list.  If it is, please  resend your message and ensure that your verified correct email address is included in the body of your message.  If it is not on this list then I probably either never received your email or your ISP is blocking me.  Because of all the spam problems on  the Internet some ISPs (like AOL  and Hotmail) may be blocking my replies.  Be sure that your mail program is set to receive messages from

Also please make sure that your in-box isn't full.  A surprising number of my replies bounce with "mailbox full" errors.

Please put your actual topic in the subject line as I filter out any mail with a blank subject line or "Hi there," and similar headers as "spam."


I frequently get requests for a ballistics runs for a particular load.   I will be glad to do a single run for you but please note that you must supply the following data.

If you want additional runs there will be a modest fee for such work.

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