Parts Availability
As of  2019-11-19

Steyr parts are currently in very short supply and Steyr no longer seems willing to furnish critical parts directly to me.  If you have a critical need I have the following parts for the Steyr Scout on hand.  Quantities are very limited and there is a limit of one of each per order.  Before ordering or if you have any questions click here to contact me.

If you need slings and/or swivels for your Steyr Scout contact Andy Langlois at or via email at  He can supply the Millett swivels and high quality Ching slings.  Please tell him I sent you.

Please note that due to the silly ITAR regulations I can no longer ship parts overseas.
Don't you feel so much safer now?

If you are outside the US I suggest you try to contact Oliver Bauer at the Steyr factory --

Other Parts In Stock


Steyr Part Number Notes Cost
Swivels 2600060022 From
Ejector & spring 2600040017
Extractor & spring 2600040007
Ejector Cross Pin 3900394  OUT OF STOCK $3
C-Clip for firing pin spring 3936613   $2
Improved Bolt Cam*  * 2600040011H
Current # w/o "H"
Original Bolt Cam*  * 2600040011
This is discontinued
 5 in stock $18
Replacement Round Knob - 1" 2614040021   $15
Bolt Handle Casting* (Standard) Converts round knob bolts back to original style "butter knife" handle 2608040001 3 in stock
(used, perfect)
$75 installed plus old handle assembly or $50 individually uninstalled
Bolt Handle Casting*
For Round or SGS Knob
2614040020 OUT OF STOCK $120 installed plus old handle assembly
Bolt casting set screws
(set of 3)
3900203   $12
Firing Pin Spring (short-37 coil) for early ring adjustable firing pins and multiple notch current pins. 2200040009 For original adjustable firing pin or the new round firing pin with 3 notches) $17.50
Firing Pin Spring (long-61 coil)  For non-adjustable firing pin with 1 notch-  Can be trimmed to make 54 or 57 coil spring. OUT OF
Bipod Repair Pins with instructions Special   $15
Bipod Latch   $10
Bipod Detent Spring 2200070015   $5
Bipod V Spring 2614060011  OUT OF

*    These parts are not available for fitting by purchaser.  Bolt must be sent to me for installation due to special tools needed.
** Special tool needed to safely remove and install the long spring.
*    See below

 Parts orders 
Please add $2.50 for First Class S&H
or $7.50 for Priority Mail

All bolt work requires only the complete bolt


Return S&H&I

Install bolt handle casting Included in handle price $12
Bolt Tune Up with improved cam installed (includes cam) NA $12
Bolt Tune Up  $60 $12
Install FP Spring  (plus part) $15 $12
Install Ejector or Extractor (plus part) $15 $12
Install bolt cams  (plus part) $20 $12

To check if you have the old or improved cam examine your cam.  The original cams had a straight slope while the improved cams have a slight hump.

** The tune up includes: checking extractor and ejector function and tension; checking firing pin protrusion and spring set; polishing cam all internal contact  areas and bearing points; cleaning, degreasing, relubrication with TW25B, and function testing.

Please email comments or questions to Fr. Frog by clicking here.

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Updated 2019-11-19