Steyr Scout Tactical Rifle (Swiss Variation)

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Steyr Mannlicher produced an interesting special version of the Scout for sale in Switzerland where some Cantons mandate a minimum 20" barrel. This particular model is fitted with a 20" (50.8 cm) barrel with a 1:10" (1:25.4 cm) twist and its muzzle is threaded to accept sound suppressors which are legal for Swiss citizens to own. The 1:10 twist allows the stabilization of 200 and 220gr sub-sonic loadings. It is not, and most likely will not be, officially imported into the United States.

Limited firing with 1:10 twist rifle yielded the same sub-moa capability as the standard version using Federal 168gr Match ammunition, but it is really designed for optimum performance with the longer 180 to 220 gr  bullets.

Swiss variation Tactical Scout fitted with a sound suppressor.

Tactical Rifle (31k jpg)

The Swiss variant Tactical Rifle, (front) with the standard Steyr Scout.
(Perspective make the Tactical Rifle look much longer, but
they are substantially the same length.)

Thread protector (6k jpg)Muzzle comparison (8k jpg)

Knurled muzzle thread protector and muzzle view of the
Swiss variant Tactical Rifle (left) and standard Scout (right). Note the slightly
heavier barrel of the Tactical Rifle.

Tactical Scout with suppressor 1998 Steyr Mannlicher
All other photographs copyright 1998 by John Schaefer
The Steyr Mannlicher Logo is the trademark of Steyr Mannlicher AG and is used with their permission.

Specifications for the Swiss Variant Steyr Scout Tactical Rifle

OAL: 40.57 inches (1.03 meters) with 2 butt stock spacers
Barrel: 20 inches (50.8 cm) hammer forged and fluted with 1-10" twist (1-25.4cm). Muzzle is threaded for use with a sound suppressor and equipped with a knurled ring to protect the threads when not in use. Barrel is slightly greater in diameter than the standard barrel.
Stock: Textured matte finished black Zytel with black panel inserts and integral bipod.
Weight: 7.3 pounds (3.3 kg) with scope, mount, sling, and 2 empty 5 round magazines

All other specifications are the same as the standard Steyr Scout

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