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Steyr Mannlicher is also producing a "Tactical" version of the Scout. The original version that was produced for Swiss sales was fitted with a 20" (50.8 cm) barrel with a 1:10" (1:25.4 cm) twist and its muzzle was threaded to accept sound suppressors which are legal for Swiss citizens to own. The 1:10 twist allows the stabilization of 200 gr and 220 gr sub-sonic loadings. The 1:10 twist barrels ARE NOT available so don't ask.

A US version of the "Tactical" Scout is now available in quantity. It is fitted with a bolt with a round knob and an improved black finished bolt body which is slicker than the white bolts. The barrel is the standard 1:12 twist barrel without the muzzle threading. The retail price has been announced as $2069 for the  rifle by itself (no scope or sling) and .$2159 for the version with a stainless steel barrel. The rest of the specifications are the same as the standard Scout. The receiver is marked "Tactical Scout."  

US Tactical Scout (17k jpg)

US "Tactical" Scout - Shown with optional 5-round cartridge carrier on the butt.
Note this picture does not have the new round bolt knob and black bolt.

Black bolt w/round knob (6k jpg)
New black finished bolt with round knob


Photo of tactical Scout copyright 1999 GSI
Photo of the bolt copyright 1999 John Schaefer
The Steyr Mannlicher Logo is the trademark of Steyr Mannlicher AG and is used with their permission.

Tactical Elite Rifle

Steyr offers a  Tactical Elite variation of the Scout rifle. Aimed at the law enforcement market it is basically a heavy barreled version of the standard Scout which is fitted with an extended STANAG type mounting rail, an enlarged bolt knob of the SSG type, and an adjustable cheek piece. Suggested retail price for the Tactical Elite is $2399 with two 5 rd magazines (it will take the high capacity kit too), but without scope or mount. The Tactical Elite was offered available in both .223 Remington and .308 with either a 20" heavy barrel (shown below) or with a 26" heavy barrel which weighs 4 kg (8.8 lb?) without optics. The 26" barreled rifle was to be available in stainless steel for $2499. Currently the rifle is only offered with a 22.4" barrel.

Tactical Elite Rifle (19k jpg)

Tactical Elite Rifle
Note the SSG style bolt knob, and the adjustable butt plate and cheek piece.
  The top picture is the current model.  They are supplied without scope or mounts. The mount on the bottom picture is a
a "BLITS" Mount, a very sturdy quick-detach mount,  designed by a Mr Repa, and at one time distributed by GSI.  They were tested
 by the Canadians . They were available in "high" and "low" for use with
e.g. night vision  optics in front of the scope.  While I don't believe they are in
current production CDNN Investments has carried some demo units. 


Tactical Elite barrel and rail (11k jpg)
Barrel of the Tactical Elite
(Note heavier contour, the extended rail on barrel shroud,
and the hammer forging "swirl" pattern on the barrel.)

Photo of the Tactical Elite Rifle copyright 2000 Steyr Mannlicher
Photo of the Tactical Elite barrel copyright 2000 Steyr Mannlicher

For information on the "Swiss" variation of the Tactical Scout which started these models you can click here.

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