The Leupold Scout Scope

The following information is provided by Leupold for the M8 2.5 x 28mm IER "Scout Scope." There are no dimensional differences between the Steyr marked scopes furnished on the Steyr Scout Rifle and the standard commercial Leupold marked ones. Other than the Steyr branded knob covers and the thick factory reticle on the Steyr furnished scope they are completely identical.

General Information.

Actual Magnification Field of View @100yd/m Eye Relief Objective Clear Aperture Elv and Wind Adj @ 100yd/m
2.3X 22 ft (7.33m) 9.3 to 17"
(236 to 431 mm)
1.1"(2.8 cm) 110"(306 cm)
Objective Diameter Tube Diameter Eyepiece Diameter
1.36"(34.5 mm) 1.00"(25.4 mm) 1.36"(34.5 mm)

Reticle Specifications

The dimensions below have been confirmed by actual observation.

Reticle Thick Section Thin Section Thin Opening
heavy duplex reticle (2k gif) 4.60" @ 100yds 12.8 cm @ 100m 1.72" @ 100yds 4.74cm @ 100m 26.2" @ 100Yds
72.8 cm @ 100m (between the thick sections)
Standard Duplex 2.2" @ 100yds
6.1 cm @ 100 m
.7" @ 100yds
1.9 cm @ 100m
21.2" @ 100yds
58.9 cm @ 100m (between the thick sections)
# 1
11.1" @ 100 yds
30.8 cm @ 100 m
N/A 68.1" @ 100 yds
189 cm @ 100 m
(between horizontal sections)
# 4
11.1" @ 100 yds
30.8 cm @ 100 m
1.2" @ 100 yds
3.38 cm @ 100 m
46.75" @ 100 yds
129 cm @ 100 m
(between horizontal sections)

Leupold reserves the right to change specifications at any time.

The Leupold scope that comes with the Steyr Scout is fitted with the heavy duplex reticle. Leupold will change the reticle to the standard duplex or any of several other reticles in their catalog for $59.00. Leupold can be reached at:

Leupold & Stevens, Inc.
P.O. Box 688
Beaverton, OR 97075-0688

Scope Mounting Warning For Leupold Scout Scope

Leupold is advising that the ring screws should be torqued to no more than 28 INCH/pounds or reticle damage may occur.

Scope Lens Covers

The Butler Creek flip-up scope covers will work on the Leupold M8 2.5x scope furnished with the Scout. According to the Butler Creek list the correct part numbers are: EYE 01 and OBJ 03. However, most people have found that they need to use the EYE 03 and OBJ 05 on their scopes--possibly due to manufacturing tolerances of the caps. You will probably need to remove some material from the bottom of the rear cover. Use a Dremel tool or file to remove a small amount of material from the middle area only. Do not go all the way to the ends and use care not to go through the cover.

The Butler Creek "Quick Detachable" scope covers fit with no trimming at all. Use size 31 for both ends.

Scope Mounts

While the Steyr Scout is fitted with a "Weaver" type mounting rail, not all Weaver type rings are suitable for use because of the rail's aluminum construction and STANAG specification.  To prevent peening of the cross slots the cross bolt of the rings must fit snugly and deeply into the rail's cross slots.  The Steyr rings, available from DTSS and the rings manufactured by Talley Manufacturing Company meet this criteria.  In addition, Leupold has (2002-05) modified their QRW and the new PRW rings to utilize the cross slot properly and they now recommend their use on any cross slotted mounting rails like the STANAG rails on military firearms and the Steyr Scout.  The new mounts are designated QRW and PRW and the stock numbers are given below.

Leupold QRW (with lever) and PRW Cross Slot Rings


Height Leupold QRW Cross Slot Rings Leupold PRW Cross Slot Rings
Low 1" 49853 54144
Med 1" 49856 54147
High 1" 49858 54150
Low 30 mm 49861 n/a
Med 30 mm 49863 54167
High 30 mm 49865 54177
Part numbers are for matte black finish

The cross slot key on the new Leupolds is a little narrower (about 3.2 mm) than the 4 mm STANAG slot specification so these mounts should be mounted on the rail with the cross key firmly against the front edge of the slot to prevent any movement upon recoil.  Properly mounted the new QRW and PRW rings will not peen the slot edges and they appear to hold their zero after removal and reinstallation.  The approximate heights of the rings are (top of the mounting rail to the bottom of the scope tube) are: low--.23"; medium--.35"; and high--.5".  The retail prices are $58 for the 1" rings, and $70 for the 30 mm rings.  This makes them the best buy for mounting scopes on the Steyr Scout.

Leupold & Stevens, Inc.
P.O. Box 688
Beaverton, OR 97075-0688

Steyr & Talley rings (14k jpg)
Left to right: Talley .30" (now made as .35"), Steyr 1" Low, Steyr 1" High,
Steyr 30 mm Standard


Steyr Rings
Item Part #++
1" Low (standard) SC 10.20 *
1" High SC 10.20A **
30 mm High SC 10.21 ***
* Will fit up to 36 mm objectives
** Will fit up to 58 mm objectives
*** Will fit up to 68 mm objectives

The 1" high rings mount the scope approximately .45" higher than the "low" rings. The 30 mm rings are approximately .1" higher than the 1" high rings.

++Old GSI part number

Steyr Arms, Inc.
PO Box 840
Trussville, AL 35173
Phone: (205) 655-8299
Fax: (205) 655-7078

Email contacts:

Talley Rings (Low)


Talley Rings
Available from Talley Mfg . $120.95
Tube Diam Height* Part #
1" .350" **
30 mm .350" **
* Measured from the top of the rail to the bottom of the scope tube.
** Use for the Leupold M8 Scout Scope.
The Talley .35" rings mount the scope approximately .14 "higher than the Steyr "low" rings

P.O. BOX 369
SANTEE, SC 29142
Voice: (803) 854-5700
Fax: (803) 854-9315

If you order from any of these suppliers please mention Steyr Scout web site.

Sight Height

Using the Steyr supplied low rings the line of sight height is 1.4" and with Steyr's "high" rings the line of sight is 1.85".

Burris Scout Scope

Burris Optics also manufactures a "scout" scope in both 1x and 2.75x powers. While the Burris products are not furnished with the Steyr Scout some individuals have purchased Steyr Scouts without a scope and have fitted Burris optics to them. To view the reticle dimensions for the Burris scopes, click here.

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