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If you have an emergency issue with small parts or broken bipods contact me and I will try to help.   I have a very small stock of extractors and ejectors, bipod replacement pins, and some miscellaneous parts.  Click here for a list of what I currently have.  I DO NOT have any magazines in stock.  I do have the necessary parts to convert the current round bolt handle to "butter knife."

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A Few Words on the Scout Rifle Concept

Since one must take care with one's speech it is appropriate that we address the issue of just what a "scout rifle" really is.

By the definition of the Scout Rifle Conferences held under the auspices of Jeff Cooper the scout rifle has been defined as a general purpose rifle suitable for taking targets of up to 400 kg (880 pounds) at ranges to the limit of the shooters visibility (nominally 300 meters) that meets the following criteria:

Weight-sighted and slung: 3 kilograms (6.6 lb). This has been set as the ideal weight but the maximum has been stated as being 3.5 kg (7.7 pounds ).
Length: 1 meter (39 inches)
Nominal barrel length: .48 meter (19 inches)
Sighting system: Typically a forward and low mounted (ahead of the action opening) long eye relief telescope of between 2x and 3x. Reserve iron sights desirable but not necessary.  Iron sights of the ghost ring type, without a scope, also qualify, as does a low powered conventional position scope.
Action: Magazine fed bolt action. Detachable box magazine and/or stripper clip charging is desirable but not necessary.
Sling: Fast loop-up type, i.e. Ching or CW style.
Caliber: Nominally .308 Winchester (7.62 x 51 mm). Calibers such as 7 mm - 08 Remington (7 x 51 mm) or .243 Winchester (6 x 51 mm) being considered for frail individuals or where "military" calibers are proscribed.
Built-in bipod: Desirable but not mandatory.
Accuracy: Should be capable of shooting into 2 minutes of angle or less (4") at 200 yards/meters (3 shot groups).

Rifles that do not meet all of these specifications are technically not "scout rifles." Thus rifles of this general design in calibers other than those stated above are not true scout rifles but actually "pseudo-scouts." However, even though Steyr Mannlicher (and now Savage) are making production rifles of this general type (as well as some wild variations) they are under no legal obligation not to call their deviations "scouts" as a marketing tool. Thus, the Steyr .376 Scout also known as (and probably better referred to as the ".376 Dragoon" although the factory dislikes the term) nor the .223 variation are true scout rifles. For that matter neither are the custom made scout-like rifles made up in .30-06, .375 H&H, or what ever caliber. However, there are many parts of the scout design that can be handily used on non-scout rifles.

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If you have an emergency issue with small parts or broken bipods contact me and I will try to help.    I have a very small stock 
of extractors and ejectors, bipod replacement pins, and some miscellaneous parts.  Click here for a list of what I currently have.

The History of the Steyr Scout
Info on the design history
General Info and Specifications
General data on the Scout
Personal Observations
Some thoughts on the Scout
Steyr Scout Tips & Tricks
Check here for answers to most of your questions
Scout Scope Specifications
Info on the Leupold and Burris IER scopes
Zeroing The .308 Steyr Scout
How to get the optimum zero
Ammo Database
Some performance and load data for ammo that works well
The .223 Scout
The "cub" Scout
The Big Bore Scout & .376 Cartridge
The "heavy" Scout
The Tactical Scout Rifle
The "tactical" variations
Steyr Ultra Light
An interesting variant
Experimental Models
Some interesting  prototypes
Some Unusual Steyr Firearms
Some interesting firearms made by Steyr
The Steyr Mannlicher Company History
The history of the company
Scout Articles In The Gun Press The Scout "Team"
The folks who made it possible
If you are having difficulty getting small parts
The "Other" Factory Scout Rifle
 (The Savage)

Information on Savage's offering
The Canadian Ranger Scout
An interesting variant
The Steyr Scout in Kosovo The Steyr Scout in the Ukraine
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